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Friday, December 17, 2010

Megalithic Sites

            All around the world, there are hundreds of sites with stone buildings, walls, and temples that date back from 1,000 a.d. to 12,000 b.c. Each with its own history, and its own legend. But, all have one thing in common. We have NO idea how they were built. We have theories here and there but nothing that is written in stone. Since most of these sites have rocks that range from 5 tons to 350 tons, there are some flags raised as to how exactly they got some of these rocks on top of each other. Even with modern day machinery, it would take over 40 heavy-duty cranes to lift some of these rocks. It would take 10-20 men alone to move a 1-ton rock. many would it take to actually lift a 350 ton rock? A LOT. And the method of doing so is still in question. The all-around best theory that people can come up with guessed it...aliens. That perhaps ancient civilizations had some kind of extraterrestrial help. Either lifting these stones for them or providing them with the tools and knowledge to do so themselves. For an example, some type of anti-gravity device. Here is a story now of a man who claims to have done so himself.

            His name is Edward Leedskalnin. A man born January 12, 1887, according to his WWI draft records, in Stameriena, Latvia. It was he who, allegedly, built the famous Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida. A megalithic stone garden with stones reaching 5 feet tall and weighing up to 30 tons. Edward insisted that he worked alone, and only at nighttime. He never let anyone watch him build. Although there are some photos of him building that someone had to have taken :P All he used to build it was a makeshift tripod and some chains. That my friends, in my opinion, does not make any sense whatsoever. There is no way one man barely 5 feet tall and weighing a little over 100 pounds could lift such massive objects. Then the day came where he made a claim that shocked the world. He said he had learned the secrets of the pyramids. Always referring to Egypt, he tried to convince everyone that he had created some sort of anti-gravity mechanism that helped in the construction of this garden. And if you look closely at some of these photos you can see a mysterious black box on top of the tripod. A box that has since, disappeared. Of course no one is saying that this box was the supposed device he used to to this. But it was there, and it was used for something. Edwards was always known for his wild theories on magnetism and actually has a pamphlet of sorts call Magnetic Current, in which he describes them. I personally have not read it but I plan to check it out. If there is a way to turn stones into weightless objects then I think we should definitely look into it.

              Moving on to something more widely known, we go to the Carnac Stones in France. There are over 3000 of these babies spread of 2 miles of land. There are many way out there theories on what they were for. And the local legend was that they were invading Roman soldiers that the wizard Merlin had turned to stone. All I know is the fact that some of these things weighed over 300 tons and had been cut and pointed at the top. And that some of them were placed in actual geometric shapes forming things such as: rectangles, circles, and triangles. Yet, the craziest one of all was the one that was shaped in a Pythagorean Triangle. Oh...did I mention that these things were constructed in the Stone Age? Ya...cavemen doing advanced mathematics. What is going on here? How would they know that A squared plus B squared equals C squared? Strange....Well the bottom line is that these things were constructed for a purpose. So what is that purpose? One theory that I like is that of the World Grid Theory. In which the Earth has certain points on it that are more strongly magnetized than others. And that this site could be one of them. Some tourists say they can actually feel the energy as they walk through and touch the stones. I want to know if I throw a piece of metal at one of those stones...will it stick? Another is that of which this site was meant to be seen from the sky. As a sort of beacon to those who seek it out. Perhaps using the magnetized rocks as a GPS. But who would be flying around in that time and era? You guessed it once again....aliens.

           Now on to one of my favorite sites. Sisian, Armenia...the site of Carahunge, meaning 'speaking stones'. Also known as the Armenian Stonehenge. Carahunge has 203 slabs of basalt. Some weighing up to 50 tons and covering over a 1/3 of a mile. It is estimated over 7,500 years old. That's 4,500 years older than England's famous Stonehenge. The most remarkable thing about these stones is that 85 of them have holes carved straight through them. Most aiming at the sky, which leads some to believe that this could be one of the worlds first astronomical observatories. One such alignment they were believed to be pointing at was that of Cygnus. Greeks, Chinese, and other cultures around the world have believed that Cygnus holds a special power. And that it is there from which we descended. And it is there where we will return when we die. Of course other cultures have similar beliefs about the stars in Orion. Who knows? There may have actually been different races of aliens who came here. Dispensing different beliefs and knowledge on humans. Maybe that is why we are so screwed Anyway. this isn't why I like this site. Its the petroglyphs nearby that catch my attention. They depict humanoid figures and animals. And date back to 10,000 b.c. Now I'm going to show you a picture of one such carving that just freaks me out. This is a stone carving of two figures holding up a spherical object.

             Now tell me...what do those look like to you? Now don't get me wrong this could be what the artist depicted people as back then. But those are scaringly similar to a version of aliens we have today called "the grays". Which is the alien that was supposedly picked up at Roswell. And is featured in many movies. Notice the bulbous shaped head and the slanted bug eyes. Its just creepy to think this thing is over 12,000 years old.

           Finally, we move on to the oldest most advanced site known to man. Discovered in 1994 by a local shepard in Sanliurfa, Turkey, the site of Gobekli Tepe was found buried under sand in pristine condition. With pillars reaching 19 feet high and weighing 15 tons per column, this site has been under excavation for 13 years and only 5% has been uncovered. It is believed to be over 12,000 years old which doubles the history of known humanity. It is older than the pyramids and Stonehenge by 7,000 years. So far no tools have been found and you can't help but wonder how these huge pillars could have been constructed. They depict animals such as geese, wild boar, insects, and others animals. It is said to be a sort of "ark". Preserving the memory of certain creatures in stone.

 Now this being the most legendary find ever, I'm intrigued to know exactly what it was used for. I can only wait and see what they uncover next. Hopefully, one day, I can go there and see it for myself. To stand in such a place that far exceeds the history of even the bible would be fascinating. All we need is a little luck and some patience and I know we will one day uncover the truth. Until then...all we can do is wonder...what in the world were these people doing? Why build such large structures? Why carve such strange figures into these stones? Was it a written account of something they witnessed? No one knows for sure. And if they do they aren't saying much. One thing is for sure. These people put these things in stone for a reason. To preserve them. So that future generations could find them and figure out exactly what they mean. Whether they were trying to warn us of upcoming disasters or simply preserve the knowledge they had learned only to pass it on to others. We may never know the truth...but we can always learn more. You just gotta keep digging.



  1. Those drawings of the grey alien looking figures are very dramatic. I'd say a match.

  2. According To me Ancient Astronaut theory is the ,most relevant theory of mankind...Its pretty sure those Aliens were what we called gods

  3. Yes, I believe it's true.I also believe, that it's some things, that one wouldn't believe unless they see it.

  4. Gobekkle Tepe is only now in Turkey but have always been in ancient Armenia and is a part of the same culture as Carahunge. Gobekkle Tepe is a direct translation of its original name in Armenian- Portasar which means Naval of Mountain.And if we add to that that Armenians genetically originate from Paleolithic and Neolithic tribes of Armenian Hihgland this gives more insight into it.

  5. And to know even more visit this album in FB, please :)!/media/set/?set=a.465976143470946.1073741829.100001756947913&type=3

  6. Have you noticed the man looking thing under the metal box?